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While this depends on a lot of factors, this blog post is an effort to shed light on to some important aspects of the journey that can make it a lot easier. This will require dedication, time, patience and most importantly a lot of sleep-less nights to begin with so buckle in for the ride!

  1. Learn the Basics:

Any career that depends on a technical skill set requires a lot of work and practice but to begin with focus on the basics. Rushing into anything will be over whelming and you will eventually burn out. One way to do this is to make coding a hobby; just as you would garden, or play video games or read a book everyday for some dedicated amount of time.

  1. Pick one language to focus on:

Pick a language that you are most fascinated by and drawn to. We recommend researching and keeping in sight your end goal. Gaper academy focuses on Full Stack JavaScript; from the basic core fundamentals to the more powerful extensions of the language. JavaScript is a language that’s here to stay with the least overwhelming frameworks with which you will be able to work on both the front and back end of web applications. Another important thing to do when you are pressed on time is to set daily goals or to break down your journey into smaller goals. The curriculum at Gaper coding bootcamp is designed to start from the fundamentals slowly building up to the more advanced technologies like using Node and Reactive for mobile applications. This way you can log your progress to look back on and see how far you have come!

  1. Take up a project that will translate well on your CV:

It is not just advisable but also pretty smart to take up a large, complex project so that once you start applying to jobs you get a good head start. Practical training helps you get into the nitty gritty of things as they say. When working on a project you not only get to interact with fellow developers but also build a strong support system. Gaper academy stresses on hands on learning hence why has a built in, practical training module that requires students to complete a project in order to graduate from the camp. Gaper graduates have seen immense success at technical interviews owing to their practical experience at the academy.

  1. Look for mentorship or join a bootcamp:

Often times with developers the focus is solely on self-learning. Although self learning is extremely rewarding but having a mentor has its perks. Again, joining a bootcamp will give you access to a great community, mentors, and a pre-structured path so you are not overwhelmed and at a loss for direction.

That being said a lot of bootcamps come with the false promise of making you an expert software developer within days, while it depends and is totally possible to learn a language fairly quickly, learning to implement it is a different story that most of these camps will skip out on. Choose your bootcamp wisely, places like gaper academy have a clear and concrete laid out plan that involves not just learning

All in all, if you want a change in career and would like to pursue software development, it CAN be done. It will however take time and dedication. The sooner you take that plunge and start, the closer you will be to your end goal!


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