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Post Pandemic Skills in High Demand

Usually, it takes a long time for the job market to undergo groundbreaking changes in technology because there exists a need for effort and a cost associated with implementing change all across your organization.

Even then, people adapt at their own paces, so it is a gradual process. At any point in time, you will not find just one way of doing things.

The old school and the progressive work together in a sort of harmony. Unless the process of change is extremely catalyzed by rare events of chaos like recessions or epidemics. 


COVID-19 is one such event that has “shook” people and decision-makers from their complacency and forced them to make groundbreaking decisions.

As a result of the heightened interest to deal with the threat of a pandemic, the process of creative destruction has quite literally materialized in front of our eyes in the current year.

Companies have been forced to develop new solutions and seek more innovative options instead of relying on the same old strategies which means the landscape of the job market has also shifted.

Research according to the Harvard Business Review shows that after the 2008 economic crisis, even though the economy had recovered, unemployment was still very high.

There was a skill gap in the job market that needed to be bridged. This article talks about the skills that we at Nerdii think will be in high demand post-pandemic and in remote work.


Literacy has been redefined in terms of technology and data even before the pandemic was realized.

Just like it’s impossible to survive without being able to read and write, we were headed in a direction where it would be impossible to survive without being at home with technology skills.

With the onslaught of the pandemic, organizations’ priorities have undergone a fundamental change.

Decision-makers are looking to incorporate technologies such as digital media, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, and cybersecurity into their everyday systems to become more resilient and capable of dealing with future crises, so naturally, someone who is well acquainted with these technologies will be in great demand.

Not to mention the ability to collect, analyze, and interpret data that goes hand in hand with technology. Data is the coal of the new Information Revolution and working based on data is rapidly becoming a norm. 

Learn to adapt:

In a post-pandemic job market, adaptability will definitely be very highly valued.

Having been through the chaos of change brought on by COVID, employers will value your ability to change and learn on the go more than what you already know or possess because no business would want to be left behind when dealt a similar hand in the future.

Our workplaces have fundamentally evolved already and that has brought forth a multitude of challenges that we have had to find ways to overcome. It’s a trial and error process.

But what we can learn from this is the need to have the right mental attitude, one that expects change.

The future world seems to be ever-evolving and if you want to keep up you have to become ever-evolving yourself.

Digital Skills will continue to rise:

Digital Skills will most definitely see a rise in demand. These skills were already rising in demand pre-pandemic but the catalysis caused by the pandemic will result in even higher demand than before.

More businesses were getting involved with remote working now than ever. Although it has its advantages, it also comes with a lot of challenges like maintaining a work-life balance, structuring your routine as well as dedicating physical space at your home solely for work purposes.

But as research has shown businesses already reliant on digital skills that go hand in hand with working from home have proven to be much more pandemic resistant than non-digital businesses.

As a result, more businesses would want to adopt technology and professionals with skills like software development, web development and digital marketing will become more popular.

The good news about learning digital skills is that resources on them are plentiful online and you can start learning right now. In fact, if you are interested, Nerdii, a project of Gaper, is aiming to bridge the gap between demand and supply within the software developer niche in the US. The training process is remote and totally customizable according to your needs. 

Think Hybrid workspaces:

The future would most certainly be a hybrid of workplaces as well as remote teamwork, in order to maximize the benefits of both. Leadership qualities have always been in demand. The drive to take initiative and lead is a duty that is always up for grabs in a team and the one who feels most comfortable in leadership is the one who an employer really wants. One aspect of leadership that would be enhanced in a post-pandemic world will be your EQ or emotional intelligence. With working from home and all the uncertainty that is associated with the volatility of the pandemic, human connection at an emotional level is paramount to maintaining a coherent collective identity as a team where everyone feels secure and part of a bigger whole. Someone who can naturally set a precedent of inspiration and determination will go a long way in the post-pandemic job market. 


There is still a lot of time to realize the need to change with the change around us to remain relevant, so find your niche and work yourself into the transformation that you need. 

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