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Women Representation in Coding Bootcamps

Online Coding Bootcamps have increased access and freedom for women who choose a career in tech. From barely reaching 21% of CS graduates in 2019 (The Taulbee study) to strengthening their stronghold to an impressive 41% graduating coding bootcamps in 2020 – women representation has still a lot of hurdles to surmount.

Keeping half the tech talent pool out of the running would be foolhardy for any given company. Hence, plenty of C-Suite executives have now consciously started recruiting and training a more diverse workforce.

Coding Bootcamps at the fore of addressing issues:

Coding Bootcamps address almost all the problems that women face in an otherwise male dominated industry. Whether it is accessibility affordability, freedom, flexibility or a plethora of other barriers women invariably face when trying to enter the techworld door, such courses provide the opportunity to level the playing ground. Wage disparities are also diminished and chances of employability increases. All this has made coding bootcamps an extremely attractive source of increasing women representation.

The fastest route:

More and more individuals (irrespective of gender) are signing-up for coding bootcamps as a quick and easy way to pick up a skill needed. While a Computer Science degree is a more holistic approach to learning how to code, bootcamps are a means to intensively build on an extensive knowledge base.

A lot of companies prefer candidates and employees to go through coding bootcamps in order to polish skills over the course of several years. Especially when new coding languages are introduced and/or adding varying coding/language skills to their learnings.

Women Representation in Coding Bootcamps:

As already mentioned, increasing number of women have signed up for such courses as they are able to learn and upgrade their skills in an industry where men have held charge since the 80’s. Following more and more leading ladies’ examples, women have finally taken charge of their own career paths and have carved out a niche which they were forced to relinquish back in the 40’s – when they were reigning supreme. Their earlier contributions after peaking in WW II or NASA had been steadily declining. However, now, due to a revamping of industry preferences, the representation has shown a healthy growth trajectory.

Coding Bootcamps are a fast and easy way to remain abreast with developments in the tech industry. They are faster and more agile to adapting to the fast paced changes. It is as dynamic as the dynamic industry it caters to. Hence, for women to retain their position in such circumstances, it is imperative to be proactive in such opportunities.

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