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JavaScript for Beginners


JavaScript for Beginners

  • Duration 80h
  • Total Enrolled 2
  • Last Update October 12, 2020


No Programming background just passion and hard work is required to go through this course.A thorough understanding of JavaScript and its language. Introduction to ES6 & Node.js

What Will I Learn?

  • 20 hours of coaching sessions
  • 60 hours practical supervised labs
  • 2 Projects

Topics for this course


Concepts of Programming?

Basic Problem Solving, Algorithms, Basic Types, Operators, Operators Overloading

JavaScript Core : Variables?

Character Set, Case Sensitivity, Comments, Identifiers and Reserved Words, Semi-Colons , Types, Values and Variables Numbers (Integers and Floating Points), Math Library, Dates and Times, String Literals, Escape Sequences, String functions. Booleans, null and undefined, type conversions, conversion and equality, explicit conversions, variable declaration, variable scope, function scope and hoisting, scope chain

JavaScript Core : Expressions?

Primary Expressions, Object & Array Initializers, Function Definition Expressions, Property Acccess Expressions, Invocation Expressions, Object Creation Expressions, Operands, Side Effects, Precedence, Associativity, Order of Evaluation, Arithmetic +, Unary Operators (+, -, ++,--), Bitwise Operators (&, |, ^, ~,, >>>), Equality & Inequality Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators (&&, ||, !), Assignment Expressions, Conditional Operator, typeof Operator

JavaScript Core : Statements?

Course Outline for Beginner Software Engineer Course Outline for Beginner Software Engineer 100% 10 Expression, Compound, Declaration (var and function), conditional (if, elseif, switch), loops (while, do/while, for, for in), Jumps (break, continue, return, throw), try/catch/ finally Screen reader support enabled. Expression, Compound, Declaration (var and function), conditional (if, elseif, switch), loops (while, do/while, for, for in), Jumps (break, continue, return, throw), try/catch/ finally

JavaScript Core: Objects?

Object Creation, new operator, prototypes, querying and setting properties, objects as associative arrays, Inheritance, deleting properties, testing properties, enumerating properties, properties setters and getters, arrtributes,

JavaScript Core: Arrays?

Creating Arrays, Reading and Writing Array Elements, Sparse Arrays, Array Length, Adding and Deleting Array Elements, Iterating Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Array Methods

JavaScript Core: Functions?

Defining Functions, Invoking Functions, Function Arguments and Parameters, Functions As Values, Functions As Namespaces, Closures, Function Properties, Methods, and Constructor

JavaScript Advanced : ES6?

let, const, Arrow Functions, Classes

JavaScript Advanced : Classes?

Classes and Prototypes, Classes and Constructors, Java-Style Classes in JavaScript, Augmenting Classes, Classes and Types, Object-Oriented Techniques in JavaScript, Subclasses, Modules

About the instructor

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3 Courses

6 students


Material Includes

  • 24 hours on-demand video
  • 33 complete lessons
  • 19 coding exercises
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Access to a computer with an internet connection.
  • No programming experience needed
  • Certificate of Completion
  • No paid software required
  • I'll walk you through, step-by-step how to get all the software installed and set up

Target Audience

  • Beginners who have never programmed before
  • Programmers switching languages to Python
  • Intermediate Python programmers who want to level up their skills!