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14-week Coding Bootcamp

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Full-Stack JavaScript

Learn to create highly responsive web user interfaces, interactive web-page elements, and understanding the beauty of this highly scalable language that can be used in both Front-End and Back-End Development.

Program Structure

The program is designed with a focus on pure coding and nothing else. We believe that as important as learning is, it is equally important to cultivate a passion for programming and that is our goal.

Hiring Support and Industry Placement

Our graduates have gone on to work with the most reputable names such as Uber, AirBnB, & Expedia. Our career services and mentors will help you land the perfect job!

Practical Training

A huge factor in the success of our graduates has been ‘Practical Training’. The implementation and transfer of skills learned through the program on to complex, real-world problems and projects.


At Nerdii we believe in non-technical communication as a vital part of an engineer’s skillset. Nerdii fosters a huge community of peers, mentors, colleagues, & teachers all supporting each other through the program

Excel at Top Companies

Nerdii Grads join top startups and companies through our hiring support.

Accelerate Your Career

Work Smarter

Work on real life projects in real time – gain more experience

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Here’s what our graduates have to say

“My experience at Nerdii has been phenomenal and I still take advantage of their support system, even though I graduated a while back. Getting to implement my theoretical learning, practically, has proven to be extremely rewarding!”

Ali - Airlift

“I joined Nerdii right out of college as I had no clue how to apply what I’d learned. The program focuses on building skills beyond the theoretical realm and helped me evolve with the ever-changing technology landscape.”

Omar - Souq

“From learning the basics of JavaScript to advanced training; this program has been a roller-coaster. Needless to say, I have formed a strong support system of peers and mentors that have helped me ease into professional life.”

Maryum - Afiniti

“Market-ready skills, adaptability, grit, & patience; these are just a few things I learned over the length of the Nerdii Program. It has come in handy beyond what I could have expected with such a short (but rigorous) program. It was worth every second I spent learning lifelong skills.”

Sara - Careem